Car Bumpers

Car Bumper Repair in Watford, Rickmansworth and Hertfordshire

Autoprep Ltd has been at the forefront of plastic car bumper repair for some 25 years plus, from cosmetic grazes to split bumpers and even parts with chunks missing. We utilise modern plastic welding technology, as well as structural bonding to non-welded plastic materials. Covering Watford, Rickmansworth and Hertfordshire, we have expertise and experience in delivering the best results for this particular field of car body repair.

Car bumper repair work, as well as bumper replacements, can as be undertaken as a car insurance repair subject to approval from your service provider or the insurance company.

Getting Your Bumper Fixed

Our technicians recommend that customers in Watford, Rickmansworth and Hertfordshire have car bumper damage checked out soon after the impact; unseen damage may be caused to the inner structural reinforcement panels hidden behind the bumper. Booking in for a prompt car bumper repair allows us to inspect for damage to the underlying structure, and to recommend any subsequent car body repair work so that you and your passengers are protected in the event of any future collision.

This also applies to clients requiring car insurance repair services as the result of a non-fault accident.

• Most modern bumpers are manufactured from plastic and this means they damage and distort easily upon impact

• Fibreglass GRP rigid bumpers and cosmetic car spoiler add-ons can often be repaired with standard fibreglass repair techniques

• Having car bumper repair work undertaken soon after a collision restores the original appearance of vehicles owned by Watford, Rickmansworth and Hertfordshire motorists

• A prompt repair also reduces further damage to surrounding parts and components, especially the bonnet, tailgate, the front or rear wings and the lights, in the event of any subsequent collision

Thermosetting and Non-Thermosetting Plastic

At the Autoprep Ltd bodyshop in Watford, our expert team specialises in the repair of thermosetting and non-thermosetting plastic parts. Modern cars are fitted with plastic bumpers made from two different types: thermosetting and non-thermosetting polymers.

• Thermosetting plastic bumpers are flexible and can be remoulded during car body repair work with suitable heat treatment, together with refinishing techniques

• Non-thermosetting plastic polymers are more brittle due to their molecular structure and cannot be fuse-welded in the same way as thermosetting plastics

Non-thermosetting plastics are more difficult to repair; however  they can be successfully bonded back to repair splits and damage using suitable epoxy flexible adhesives, materials and reinforcement where necessary.

Car Bumper Repair Services

Motorists in Watford, Rickmansworth and the surrounding Hertfordshire area can rely on our 35 years of industry experience in car body repair work. We carry out high quality car bumper repair and car insurance repair work which can include the following:

• Replacing the whole bumper or focusing on smaller areas with cracks, holes, gouges, dents or scuffs

• Welding the plastic bumper and reshaping the damaged areas as required

• Preparing, special priming and refinishing with paint and lacquer to match the original colour

• Where a textured finish is required, we utilise special texture coatings developed for specifically refinishing these plastic parts

Any major damage related to car insurance repair work can be carried out once we receive approval from the insurance company or third party’s policy provider. In cases like these, Watford, Rickmansworth and Hertfordshire clients can rely on the car accident management service we provide to complete any necessary car bumper repair work.